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For millions of patients being treated for depression, antidepressant medications don't work or cause unwanted side effects. But there's good news. BayTMS provides a safe and effective alternative to medication: TMS Therapy.

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Bay TMS and TMS Therapy in the News

7/12/2015: Novel magnetic treatment helps people with clinical depression

6/24/2015: Living Healthy: Trans-cranial magnetic stimulation

6/2/2015: Missoula offers unique treatment for depression

5/30/2015: Brain stimulation helped Rockford man ditch depression

5/24/2015: If your depression treatment doesn't help, ask doctor about alternatives

5/21/2015: Magstim Announces FDA (510k) Clearance of rTMS (repetitive Transcranial Magnetic Stimulation) Therapy System

5/16/2015: 10 Drug-Free Therapies for Depression

4/29/2015: WebMD: Can Technology Help Treat Depression?

4/28/2015: 10 Drug-Free Therapies for Depression

4/7/2015: Magnetic stimulation helping East Tenn. depression patients when drugs don’t work

3/21/2015: A new way to tackle depression

3/16/2015: More insurance companies cover "Brain Zapping" to treat depression

2/25/2015: Can depression be treated without drugs?

2/20/2015: Drug-free depression treatment available in Tampa

2/16/2015: Battling Depression Growing Problem For Women

2/3/2015: Magnetic therapy dispelling patients' depression

1/19/2015: Procedure uses magnetic stimulation to help with depression

12/26/2014: Christmas Isn't Always Merry for Everyone

12/18/2014: Magnetic Stimulation May Halt Rumination in Depression

12/15/2014: Transcranial Magnetic Stimulation: What Is It and Who Needs It?

12/12/2014: Local Doctor Uses Magnetic Pulses for Depression Treatment

12/10/2014: Can Altered States of Consciousness Cure Depression?

12/5/2014: Depression Treatment Known as Repetitive Transcranial Magnetic Stimulation Gains Traction for Drug Therapy-resistant Patients

12/1/2014: A drug-free way to fight depression

11/21/2014: Using magnetic therapy to treat depression

11/18/2014: Magnetic therapy gains favor in battling depression

11/14/2014: New treatment for depression offers alternative to drugs

11/10/2014: New treatment for depression gaining popularity

11/5/2014: New therapy relies on electromagnetic pulses to treat depression

10/21/2014: Magnetic Stimulation Eases Treatment-Resistant Depression

10/21/2014: Magnetic Pulses to Battle Depression

9/22/2014: Data Published Online in the Journal of Clinical Psychiatry Show Long-Term Benefit of Non-Drug Neurostar TMS Therapy in Patients with Treatment-Resistant Depression

6/4/2014: Magnetic Therapy Can Treat Depression

5/13/2014 TIME: Doctors Treat Depression with Brain Magnets

5/13/2014 Transcranial Magnetic Stimulation Offers New Treatment for Depression

5/6/2014 Non-Drug Neurostar TMS Therapy Shows Favorable Outcomes Compared to Oral Antidepressants in Treating Major Depressive Disorder

5/5/2014 NeuroStar TMS Therapy Shows Promise as Effective Once-Monthly Maintenance Therapy in Patients with Major Depressive Disorder
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