Here at Bay Psychiatric Associates | TMS, we believe in providing excellent, state-of-the-art, individualized mental health care with a focus on attention to detail and your well-being. We pride ourselves in our outstanding commitment to ensuring that you have a meaningful connection with your TMS doctor and technician throughout the duration of your treatment. After your initial evaluation with your TMS doctor, you will meet with them every week and we will send updates to your doctor and psychotherapist to keep them informed about your treatment progress. In addition, we encourage you to remain actively engaged with your technician throughout each treatment session. Scientific evidence shows that these interactions significantly help to alleviate depression by simultaneously activating other important brain systems. 

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We have very exciting news!


As of January 1st, 2020, we have two new locations in San Francisco and San Mateo, in addition to our Berkeley and San Rafael locations!



For millions of patients being treated for depression, antidepressant medications don't work or cause unwanted side effects. But there's good news. BPA|TMS provides a safe and effective alternative to medication: TMS Therapy.


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3/5/2019: Industry Meeting: Highlights and Insights in the TMS Field 

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