• Andrea Gonzalez

The BayTMS approach to patient mental health: One team member’s perspective

We all have the desired set of qualities we look for in a healthcare team. We hope they are responsible, empathetic, understanding, prompt, hold good intentions, stay up-to-date on new research – and these are only a few relevant examples of the expectations we may hold. I would like to focus this post on my perspective as a member of the BayTMS clinical team. The unique qualities we have as a clinic and what our TMS technicians aim to provide and contribute to the field of mental health.

Here at BayTMS, our physicians and technicians work together to create a safe and comforting environment focused on supporting personal healing. As a technician, I have found this work to be incredibly rewarding. Being part of each person’s journey through healing is an important and humbling experience. Each person has a story, and each person has unique ways of coping through them. Therefore, we maintain and treat all people with the utmost respect and attention they deserve.

A BayTMS Patient Experience -

I started to notice a change in my depression about three weeks into TMS treatments. Simply put, it felt like a cloud was lifted from over me--like I had woken up from a bad dream.

Since receiving TMS therapy, I am no longer on any antidepressants, anxiolytics, or sleep medications. I don't even use alcohol to calm myself down. I am still in the middle of a very messy divorce, but I no longer feel hopeless. When I feel low, I make an effort to reach out to the supportive people in my life and I am able to bounce back much quicker!

After many post-treatment feedback responses from various patients, we have concluded a caring staff makes all the difference when it comes to comfort and feels care of. We hold a judgment-free zone, which allows a healthy sense of transparency between patients and staff members. We can only imagine the obstacles people endured before reaching us, as TMS therapy is typically not the first treatment approach they have tried for their pervasive depression symptoms.

When one comes in for treatment, we aim to make the processes as accommodating as possible by building connections and rapport, attending to changes in treatment, and keeping up with tasks that result in genuine service. Along with patient care during treatments, our technicians work with insurance business on behalf of patients, research new updates within the field of TMS therapy, continuously brainstorm better ways to make processes more efficient, and countless other tasks to improve patient care.

As we finish Mental Health awareness month, we encourage self-care and overall wellbeing. As a society we have come a long way with breaking stigmas, but still plenty more needs to be done. Stigmas hold power when we feel the need to remain quiet and ashamed. Acknowledging the importance of your mental health does not make you weak; it strengthens your ability to grow and become the better version of yourself. At BayTMS, we believe each person has the capability to progress through their journey of healing. We understand the weight people carry on their shoulders and want you to know that we create a safe space for this reason. We are a healthcare team that focuses on your healing, every step of the way.

We give our full focus and commitment to healing by creating an atmosphere of service and compassion for each patient and member of our team.


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