TMS Helps with Quality of Life

February 7, 2019



Some patients who undergo TMS see improvements between the 2nd to 3rd weeks of treatment, but this is not always the case, according to the experiences from our patients. The response to TMS varies from patient to patient. What are the reasons for this? We don’t know – there are many factors that can cause one patient to improve earlier or later in the TMS series. The length of time to respond to TMS can vary from a few treatments, to a few weeks, to even after the treatment has ended. For most people, it’s a gradual process. The rate of improvement is documented by tracking two rating scales, filled out by the patient and their doctor weekly. But what does it mean when a patient responds and how does it affect their quality of life? Well, our patients can tell you that.


 TMS is a treatment for depression that can correct brain abnormalities, thereby improving symptoms of depression resulting in a better quality of life. At BayTMS, we have treated over 600 patients and 82% of those patients have responded positively at some level. Because of TMS, patients have described changes that are unbelievably hard to imagine. According to one of our patients, TMS relieved them from “living life crippled by depression and anxiety,” allowing them to feel comfortable, strong, and courageous.


 The daily practice of attending treatment is also valuable, as it establishes rhythm and structure, which can lead to an increase in energy and greater productivity. TMS helped one of our patients feel a sense of inner peace that they hadn’t felt in years, giving them back their “true self”.  BayTMS technicians are always ready to lend a caring and supportive presence to our patient’s concerns thereby creating a safe and comfortable treatment environment.


Here are some highlights from our patients (and please read our full Patient Testimonials to hear in more details how TMS therapy has improved their quality of life):



  1. “I’m not living life crippled by depression and anxiety”

  2. “I am much more comfortable inside”

  3. “[I] began to feel joy again and started making plans to pursue old pleasures”

  4. “[I can] manage health issues without despair.”

  5. “Many weeks after my treatment ended I started to notice that I had not been crying nightly and drugging myself to sleep”

  6. “Freedom from negative/suicidal thoughts”

  7. “Today I am able to be comfortable with just me and the person I have become”

  8. “Routine activities got easier”

  9. “Established a rhythm to my week”

  10.  “Easier to let go of self-criticism”

  11. “[I] feel lighter”

  12. “Increase in focus and motivation”

  13. “About halfway through my TMS treatments, I noticed my symptoms disappearing”

  14. “This treatment completely changed my life”

  15. “Gradual process…but the change is unbelievable”

  16. “I am in remission now, about 5 months since finishing treatment”

  17. “Every experience feels like new”

  18.  “I enjoy what is most meaningful in life and I am stronger”

  19.  “I noticed less anxiety and my sense of humor returning”


We are a team at BayTMS and give our collective attention and commitment to healing by creating an atmosphere of service and compassion for each patient. We look forward to providing the best care and helping to improve your quality of life.










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