5 Small Ways To Celebrate Pride That Can Have A BIG Impact

June 11, 2019


Has anyone ever said, “I’m proud of you?”


Maybe it was your coach after that game-winning soccer goal or, perhaps, your parents after making the honor roll at school. Pride is that deep expression of pleasure and satisfaction that stems from achieving something. This type of positive praise can make you feel good and worthy in life.


But, sometimes people aren’t proud of you. Maybe their negativity is rooted in misunderstanding or a lack of compassion. Their words, comments, and behaviors can lead you into a downward spiral of unhappiness and insecurity.


This year, during pride month, take a stance against inequality and celebrate pride with these 5 tips that cultivate a life filled with love, acceptance, and self-worth.


Educate Yourself



To begin, start by examining yourself. Think about the issues facing the LGBQ community and be prepared to talk about them. Lead conversations with a mindset of understanding and acceptance. Even if you aren’t part of the community personally, you can still be an activist and ally.


Teach Love


Set examples of love and acceptance for others. Demonstrate inclusiveness and compassion in all that you do. Let your friends and family know that regardless of their sexual orientation, you’ll love and accept them unconditionally.


Be Respectful


Choose your words wisely! Never make jokes at the expense of someone else whether they are in the LGBQ community or not. Eliminate discriminative words from your vocabulary and make an effort to understand and respect others.


Support Others


There are plenty of great nonprofits and businesses that support the LGBQ community. Consider donating your time or money to one of these organizations that teach self-love, acceptance, and inclusion regardless of sexual orientation or gender identity.


Wear It!


Grab a hat, wear a T-Shirt, or pin the pride rainbow to your jacket! These subtle nods of support can go a long way in sending a message that you stand with the LGBQ community. The rainbow symbolizes love, inclusive, self-worth, and acceptance so wear it with pride!


No matter how you choose to celebrate during Pride Month, remember that your actions speak louder than words. Lead with love and compassion. Work toward creating positivity and acceptance to those who fall victim to ignorance and hat so we can build a better tomorrow together!

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