The Danger of Men Suffering In Silence

July 1, 2019

Depression is sometimes referred to as a silent killer.
It’s more than just sadness or having bad day. It’s a crippling and sometimes life- threatening illness that can pull people into despair and change their entire outlook on life. Unfortunately, the stigma surrounding mental illness forces many people to suffer for months or even years just trying to “deal with it”.

Statistics show that over 6 million men in the US suffer from depression yet male depression often goes undiagnosed. With suicide rates on the rise across the United States, it’s important to address the dangers of untreated depression as well as the stigma surrounding mental illness.

Depression is not caused by weakness
Unfortunately, this type of thinking forces people into silence about their struggles-especially men. There’s an unfair association between depression and “being weak”. Statistically, men are less likely to get treatment for depression and it could be related to the toxic stigma surrounding depression. Men might feel like less of a man or even embarrassed to get help. Reports show men are more likely to report fatigue and loss of interest in hobbies rather than feelings of sadness or worthlessness.

There are many faces of depression
Unlike a broken ankle, people suffering from mental illnesses like depression can appear perfectly happy on the outside. There’s no obvious cast or crutches. From Major Depression to Bipolar Depression, there are many different kinds of depression that can even be associated with other undying mental illnesses. The good news is relief is possible through safe and effective first and second-line treatments like TMS Therapy.

Depression manifests in different ways
It can affect all aspects of a person’s life even when it’s not always obvious to others. Depression can make people feel like no one will ever understand and cause everything from fatigue and irritability to suicidal thoughts.

Feelings of hopelessness
Soon, hopelessness sets in…maybe even social withdrawal or loss of interest. The veil of depression can mask the illness making it hard to recognize. Despite how common depression and anxiety are, they can easily be ignored or misdiagnosed. This is extremely harmful when left untreated.
It’s important to remember that depression is more than just a problem or nuisance. It’s a complex mental illness that needs to be treated (and respected) as such. There’s no shame in getting the help you need!


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